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Science at St. John’s Lutheran School is taught in light of God’s Word. Although the world may promote its philosophies of humanism and evolution as the truth, we assert that God’s Word is Truth.
We believe that God the Father is the creator of the world. He created all that exists and preserves his creation. We believe the creation account and accept it as truth.
We then teach science to better understand the created world of our God, recognizing that the Lord reveals himself in nature and works through it. Our students will learn about the constancy and orderliness in God's creation and they will grow in the ability to use wisely the natural resources God has provided. Through science we learn how we have incorrectly treated the creation in the past and how we can improve on this management in the future.
          Finally, we understand that our students must learn some basic fundamentals and principles of science. These will be taught in light of God’s Word with every thought being made captive to the Word of Christ.  



  1. The child will accept in faith the Genesis account of creation and express the conviction that God is the creator and preserver of all things, visible and invisible, and is the ruler of the universe.
  2. The child will realize that it is the responsibility of all people to wisely use and conserve the natural gifts God has given us.
  3. The child will apply concepts of basic physical and biological relationships to his/her life.
  4. The child will understand that science is a process, not merely a body of factual information.
  5. The child will realize that the human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and will treat it accordingly.
  1. The child will appreciate God’s almighty power and majesty in establishing and governing the universe and controlling the forces of nature.
  2. The child will recognize that God created science with orderliness and constancy.
  3. The child will be aware of the wonders and beauty of nature.
  4. The child will develop a love for science and science inquiry.
  5. The child will be moved from a thankful heart to praise, honor, serve, and obey the God of all creation.

  1. The child will use their science knowledge in a life of praise and devotion to God.
  2. The child will grow in the ability to think critically and wisely, ever looking for God’s guidance when human inquiry fails or leads in the wrong direction.
  3. The child will seek cause and effect relationships in nature and realize God is in control of all things.
  4. The child will deduce and propose explanations for phenomena that are in accordance with Scripture.
  5. The child will realize that man cannot explain all of God’s creation and thus we rely on faith.
  6. The child will perform hands on activities and will make first hand observations.
  7. The child will become actively involved in the scientific process.
  8. The child will demonstrate the ability to solve scientific problems.
  9.  The child will be able to use science terminology in their written and spoken vocabulary.

Miss Cassandra Grys

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