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Our History

The founders of St. John's congregation realized right away the importance of a Christian education for their children. In 1857, two years after the founding of the congregation, a building that housed both the church and school was constructed. Twelve years later, a new church was built on the land purchased by the congregation. The original building housed the school for the next 23 years. The students were instructed by a combination of parents, dedicated members, and pastors over the next few years.
In 1870, Mr. Henry Hilleman was called to serve as its first full time teacher. Over the next four years, the school was served by three different teachers. In 1875, after a vacancy of nearly a year, a call was extended to Mr. Albert Keibel, who was nearing the end of his study for the pastoral ministry. After completing his studies, he was called to serve a dual role as teacher and pastor. In 1954 a second full time teacher was called. Today, the school has a staff of one part time and three full time teachers.
In 1892, a new brick school was constructed to replace the old church-school building which had deteriorated. After 55 years of use, on March 3, 1947, the school was destroyed in a fire caused by a faulty oil heater. The church facility was used for a temporary classroom and a new brick school was built north of the church building, which is still in use today. However, due to increasing enrollment in the 1990's, the basement of the two-room school as well as the church basement, were utilized for additional classroom space.
In 1997, plans were made to build an addition to the 1947 building. This addition was completed and occupied in September of 1999. Two classrooms, lavatories, and a future kitchen room were added. In 2010, plans were made to add a commons area, more bathrooms, and a large gym facility. This addition was completed in 2011 and has been a huge blessing. The future kitchen was also finished. Over the years, our school has been greatly blessed and strongly supported by the members of St. John's Lutheran Church, for which every student educated within the school's walls is thankful to the Lord.
St. John School offers a Christian, Lutheran elementary education that is permeated with God's Word. We also offer a school that is structured around Wisconsin State Standards and provides a progressive curriculum in all subject materials.