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Multigrade Education

Multigrade Education

    St. John Lutheran School in Maribel, WI. has, since its inception, had a multigrade organizational structure in its classrooms. There has been a lot of dispute concerning the academic performance of students in the multigrade classroom, as well as the emotional and psychological effects upon the students in these classrooms

So what does the research show?

Studies prove the following:

· There is no educational difference between a single grade classroom and a multigrade classroom when it comes down to academic achievement.

· There are some definite positive things associated with multigrade instruction at the elementary level.


What are the Positives for the child: 

Recent studies show that students in a multigrade environment show:

· Increased Self-esteem

· Increased pro-social behavior

· Enriched personal relationships

· Increased personal responsibility

· A decline in discipline problems

· More positive attitudes toward school

· Better attitudes for underachievers and those from lower socioeconomic status

· Friendly relationships based on understanding and respect